It's different from a normal marketing, Lanisky cultural marketing integration into the culture and creativity, makes projects more viable.

     Lanisky's Cultural Marketing will include the Cultural Dress, Cultural Food, Cultural Inn, Branding consultants, and so on! Let's have a taste and innovative marketing!


Why cultural Marketing?

     Branding, a marketing technique used by firms to accumulate capital and maximize profit, is successful when the brand is so deeply embedded within a culture that the population comes to rely upon it as a key, positive influencer of society (Holt, 2006). Holt (2006) asserts that brands hold the power to revolutionize emerging cultural tensions and lead a society toward new cultural norms. Consumer purchases of goods and products are a result of the consumers’ attitude and beliefs, all of which are influenced by the driving force of culture (Cleveland and Laroche, 2007). Identification across country boundaries is becoming the norm due to the increasing diversity within a country, thus straying from the traditional route of identifying consumers based solely on country location (Cleveland & Laroche, 2007).