Give me a place to stand, I will move the earth


At CIS Brand Services, we have a simple philosophy – We want to help you design the best solution to meet your specific needs. Unlike most companies who have a one-size-fits-all attitude.


Let us wear your marketing hat for you! Our team of designers have created award winning professional designs that will have your business standing out above the rest. We strive to go beyond our clients wishes to create designs that help their clientele experience their products and services in new ways.

Brand Image

Like brand personality, brand image is not something you have or you don't! The key in brand image research is to identify or develop the most powerful images and reinforce them through subsequent brand communications. The term "brand image" gained popularity as evidence began to grow that the feelings and images associated with a brand were powerful purchase influencers, though brand recognition, recall and brand identity. It is based on the proposition that consumers buy not only a product (commodity), but also the image associations of the product, such as power, wealth, sophistication, and most importantly identification and association with other users of the brand.