Quick Look at Lanisky

      Lanisky, the top brand who focus on branding & communication, founded in 2014. Lanisky's business plans include cultural transmission (CIS, advertising and marketing), communication technologies (Internet, data), medias (Professional sites, TV) and so on. Love is blue, now go with us!

Slogan: Lanisky marks the time

The slogan of Lanisky Team: Achievement ever after


Origin of Lanisky 

      Under the leadership of Cheung Nam Wa, a graduate from Shenzhen University, his alumni including graduates and undergraduates have pulled together and started Lanisky's business in May 2009.


Enterprise architecture of Lanisky

Board of shareholders

Board of directors

Board of supervisors

Operation team in different directions


Cultural Connotation of Lanisky 

       As the Lanisky is to be a science technology and culture oriented enterprise, we have attached great importance to the construction of culture, a manifestation of soft power, since the "grass root organization" period. The Lanisky Spirit: scientific and rational; cozy and dreamlike; caring and caritative. The spiritual connotation is exactly as limitless as the blue sea, as boundless as the skyline, which indicates the heart-warming future. The song "Love Is Blue" is our theme music since one of our core task is to expand the culture that blue represents. In general, the new times youth are expected to transform themselves and then transform the world; do well in protecting the environment and homeland. Only in that way, can we earn the harmonious development of economics, culture, science and technology

      Music is obviously one of the main reflections in culture. As the cultural connotation of Lanisky is based on the 20th century western culture element, the music series of Lanisky mostly present the style of light music, relaxing and soothing, refreshing and even dreamlike.